Posted by: Doug Geiger | 2009/05/07

The mission of this site  is my consistent online professional presence. It is also a forum in which I will share information I believe to be useful for those whose jobs or interests see them solving problems and communicating with others. This will include software, hardware, methodologies and general observations technology. 

There are a number of trends I see that tell me that this site’s mission is relevant:

  1. Increasingly, enterprise-grade tools are available to individuals, churches and smaller companies
  2. While solutions abound; many of those that could benefit most are unaware of these better tools
  3. There is too much innovation in the market for anyone to stay on top of it (we need others to report and aggregate)
  4. We fear what we do not know

I encourage comments on this site. I will generally allow comments to stand unedited; however, I reserve the right to delete any comments I do not feel align with my two purposes (1. to serve as a professional site, 2. to communicate information that helps others solve problems and communicate more effectively).


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