Posted by: Doug Geiger | 2009/05/22

Pencast – The Dreaded Blank Sheet of Paper Problem

If you are a knowledge worker, then a day will come when you are between a tight deadline and a blank sheet of paper, and you will feel the two squeeze you until you narrowly escape by watching the Office on Hulu. Even after years of creating documents from scratch I still get stuck sometimes. I have found a few rituals that seem to help and I recorded them on my fancy Pulse smartpen, by Livescribe.

Unfortunately not all of my technologies play well with one another. WordPress, who hosts this blog, does not allow flash embeds. Major bummer. Though this so 1999, and tacky to request, please follow this link to see the pencast. In the comments, please share your thoughts on the pencast as well as tricks you use to maintain your momentum.


  1. Hi! Actually, I’m pretty sure they do allow imbedding on the wordpress blog. There’s a spot above your post that you can click, and input the imbeding information, or link, and it’ll show up on your blog. I have one up on my blog, I found it in the help files for wordpress.


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