Posted by: Doug Geiger | 2009/05/27

How to stream a pencast to your WordPress blog

After some encouragement from Another Livescribe Blog and Smartpen, both of whom work with Livescribe, I finally figured out how to embed my pencasts onto a hosted blog. This exercise highlights really well what I do for a living. Define the problem, do a lot of research, engage the experts, solve the problem, and clearly communicate the outcome.

Without further ado, here are the instructions for Livescribe users who wish to embed a pencast on a hosted blog. (YMMV) 

  1. Create a pencast
  2. Upload to Livescribe online through the desktop client
  3. Make that pencast “public”
  4. Open a new tab on your browser
  5. Go to this URL:
  6. Drag the live bookmarklet to your browser toolbar (I use Chrome)
  7. Authenticate your WordPress account through VodPod (to allow them to post the embed for you)
  8. Go back to your Livescribe video
  9. Click the bookmarklet button
  10. Write your post, tag it and submit

Thanks to all who helped!


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