Posted by: Doug Geiger | 2009/09/26

The best computer in the world


Last night I had a conversation I have had a thousand times. It is some variation of, “what is the best computer to buy?” or “how much should I pay for a computer?”

Almost everyone gets this wrong:

  • Computer enthusiast rattle off lists and numbers and giga-whatsits
  • Mac people gush over new and fancy Macs
  • PC people gush over new and fancy PCs
  • Hipsters launch into market trends and theory about 2.0 cloud-based hyphen-ated yada-yada
  • Grumpy Luddites tell you to buy a Moleskine instead
  • And sales people tell you to buy whatever–as long as you buy the extended warranty

Meanwhile, the wise and benevolent business analyst sagely asks you, “what would you like to be able to do with a new computer?”Remember, computers can only make files. However, thoughtful solutions to clearly defined problems make life better. Never settle for just a computer.


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