Posted by: Doug Geiger | 2013/02/11

A New Michigan Business:


A recent project I am happy to share: Recently my wife and I opened, a moustache wax and beard product company. This has been a really great experience that has called on all of the project management and business consulting experience. 

What is so challenging about a start-up is that it is a series of overlapping projects punctuated by moments of analysis, risk management and buckets of communication. There is no one to blame if your decision making is not solid. It is exciting precisely because it is not guaranteed to be successful. But if it is successful it is a really great feeling. It is a great test to see if I have learned from my experiences.

What I have learned so far: From a consulting perspective as it has caused me to think about things from a business owner’s perspective. My understanding of cost-of-goods, return-on-investment and other financials is invaluable. It can be easy to forget that businesses must make money and that every decision needs a business case. Even small decisions should be connected to the health of the company. This empathy with those whose money is on the line makes me consider every suggestion as if it were my company.

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