Work Samples

Often, it is easier to demonstrate than explain. In the pages below, I have included excerpts from my work. Much of the work I do is confidential and so I have taken great care to remove or change content as necessary to respect the privacy of my employers and clients. For each section I am including an introductory paragraph so that the excerpt can stand alone and will make sense.

To visit these work samples please see the sidebar to the right and select a link under the “Work Samples” heading, or click one of the links below.

Business Case – How do CEOs and executives know if a product or services is a good fit? A business case is a carefully crafted analysis that combines knowledge of the organization with thorough research.

Communications Consulting – You are saying it, but are they hearing it?

Efficiency Analysis – Lord Kelvin said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” How well do you use measurements in your business? Do you have the information you need to produce the changes you want to make?

Feasibility Study – Do you have a sounding board for the ideas you come up with?

Formal Presentations – Do you have a big message you need to deliver to an important customer? Do you have the right blend of details and context? Have you thought everything out and done the right amount of research?

Instructional Articles – You learn. Your employees learn. But, does your organization learn? What would you want it to know?

Request for Proposal – Some opportunities are bigger and more formal than others. Does your team have the time and experience required to submit a winning proposal?

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